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[ Welcome To Empowerment Now! ]

Welcome To Empowerment Now!

   To our long time visitors and the new alike, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Empowerment Now! This site has been on the Internet for over two years in various forms, and has just recently been re-launched with it's original goals in mind. The mission of Empowerment Now is to provide a gathering place for like minded people devoted to self-improvement and success can meet and learn. Set forex broker a bookmark now, I guarantee you will want to come back.

December 29, 1997 - Read Today's Power Breakfast!

January 21, 1998: A New Essay!

   Dennis R. Tesdell has contributed an insightful, practical essay on making the most out of your your life. Don't take your time for granted, and Read The Essay Now!

January 7, 1998: First issue of Self Care Weekly Out!

   Dennis R. Tesdell's first issue of Self Care Weekly is on the site for your enjoyment! Topics include Martyrdom and stress reduction...don't miss it!

January 5, 1998: New mailing list and book excerpt!

   Dennis R. Tesdell, a noted personal and business development coach, will be running a once-weekly mailing list from Empowerment Now! entitled "Self Care Weekly". It will focus on vital issues such as personal health, stress reduction, and anger management just to name a few. The first issue will be distributed on Wednesday, so subscribe to Self Care Weekly today!

   Edmond E. Frank has given us a wonderful gift! A sneak preview of his upcoming book "Today Is Life...Or Death...Today". The prologue and first chapter are available online through essayCentral.

December 29, 1997: Several new updates to announce!

   First, two articles have been placed in a brand-new essayCentral section. Be sure to read Trusting Your Instincts by Dennis R. Tesdell and Hurry Sickness by Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. At least one new essay will be added each and every week from this point on.

   Second, a new database has been installed on the Empowerment Now servers, and the Members Only (completely free) section is being converted to run on it.

   And last, be sure to sign up for the Site Update mailing list. You will receive a once-per-week mailing which highlights recent changes made to Empowerment Now!

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